Finally, I have something substantial to show from what I’ve been working on. That being said, now is as good a time as any to announce that I have been working on Core of Innocence 2! My goal is to produce a ‘video diary’ of sorts every month or so to show progress of where I am with the game and whatnot. So, without further ado, Core of Innocence 2 - Dev Diary 01!

Video looks better fullscreen and in HD, just a heads up.


Anyways, where I’m at so far:

The movement engine is pretty much complete. All of Lila’s movement-based powerups are in game and functional. Not shown in the video, but is also completed are moving platforms. Core 1 did not have them simply because I had no clue what I was doing. They are very much a thing now! 😀

As you can see in the video, the enemies (once implemented) will drop completely randomized loot and equipment that scales in stats depending on the difficulty level the game is set at. It is very ‘diablo-ish’ if that’s of any comparison. Also, the number one thing I had people asking me for that they had in Core 1, was that the clothing displayed on Lila at game-time. Well, this is now very much a thing! Lila will have a wide variety of outfit choices as well as 16 different colors to pick from for each one making for an insane assortment of equipment drops. You can see this in action at the end of the video above.

All of the basic weapons attacks are in and complete, and the spell casting engine is in place but needs to have the spells created and tied to them. There will be over 40 spells in Core 2 so its going to take some careful balancing but I think they will end up being far more useful this time around, rather than just ‘invincible Lila boss killers’ that they ended up being in Core 1. Lots more utility spells and fast casting damage spells, for sure. The nice thing about the engine in Core  2 is all of Lila’s weapons are separate sprites now, so I can edit them easily, or add more without modifying hardly any code at all. They will also be set for the color swapping but it will be set for much more ‘weapony’ colors.

I’ve spent a ton of time making this engine as modular as possible so I can plug and play things quickly, and I will be utilizing a ‘large map’ sort of level design approach to make development easier for me, and to remove room transitions and having to re-program things for every room I change something in. I definitely do not want this to be another 10+ year ordeal. I’m aiming for 2-3 years… if that.


Anyways, stay tuned for more updates and I hope you enjoy!



“Where can I find the Holy Sword?!”

Well my friends now you finally have an answer to that question, as well as where to find pretty much everything else in Core of Innocence! Also included is a time-trial based walk-through that will net you the 100% ending sequence. This FAQ does not cover enemy information or V.O.C. locations yet, but if there is a high demand I will add it in a future update.

And just a heads up - potential spoiler alerts in the FAQ.

Core of Innocence FAQ

Core of Innocence Map



Core of Innocence has been live for about a week now, and we’ve already hit over 1000 downloads and reviews have been starting to pop up here and there! I just wanted to share some of the things that are being said about CoI that I’ve found:

“Core of Innocence is determined to be an exciting, challenging game of sword and sorcery…” - Kim Berkley,

“While the art style may not appeal to everyone, those craving a large adventure with solid controls can sink a few hours into this one. ” - John Polson,

“…you’ve never seen quite so many pixel-art boobs in your life as in this game.” - James Cunningham,


And even some reviews from a few foreign sites! Translations thanks to

(Japanese) “This is a blockbuster of quite.” - Matatabi mansion

(Italian) “A game that took a long time to be developed and which, though freely downloadable, is definitely worth a donation to the author…” - Idealsoft




If you haven’t noticed from the flashy graphic above… Core of Innocence has been released!


December 7th. 8pm CST. That’s it folks. The release date and time for Core of Innocence! We even added a snazzy counter at the top of the page to count it down as we bring this thing to a close!

It’s very exciting times in the weeks to come for us, and since its been quite the ride we are thinking of hosting some form of release party, which if technology/internet allows we will be streaming the festivities live for anyone interested to come celebrate with us. I took the night off my real (and far less fun) job and everything, as I plan on celebrating hard. XD

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