The year is 2520. Our protagonist Lila has just graduated college majoring in archaeology and mineral studies, when her grandfather requests her to assist him in studying a newly found mineral that is capable of producing mass amounts of energy. However, when Lila arrives she finds out much more than she was anticipating about her past, and a dark evil that threatens civilization as they know it...

  • 250+ items to collect and equip
  • 48 weapons to collect and use
  • 18 spells to aid you in your journey
  • 10 massive areas to explore
  • 15+ bosses to challenge and defeat
  • 18 side quests to complete
  • New Game+ option to replay again with all of your equipment
  • Multiple possible endings


Concept Art


What will the minimum requirements be for Core of Innocence?
The minimum requirements for decent playability is:
  • 2.0Ghz or better processor
  • at least 1GB of memory
  • and at least a 256MB video card
For best performance:
  • a 2.5GHz or better processor
  • at least 2GB Memory
  • and at least 256MB video card
When will CoI be finished?
We are hoping to have it completed around mid spring or summer of 2011.
What type of game is CoI?
It is a side-scrolling platformer, not dissimilar from Castlevania or Metroid.
What maturity rating will the game be?
The majority of the game is safe for all ages, however, there is a bit of nudity in the inventory. The game does include several levels of censoring if you prefer to shut it off or hide the inventory character graphic entirely.
What platform will it be for?
As of right now, it will be exclusively for PC. Who knows what the future holds though...
How much gameplay should one be able to get from CoI?
A casual gamer will most likely be able to beat it in about 10 hours. Hardcore gamers may beat it sooner than that, or much much longer if they are of the completionist variety and want to collect and complete everything
Who did the music for the game?
The music was written and composed by Aaron Boyer, of Puddinghat Games.
What are you using to make CoI?
I am using Multimedia Fusion 2: Developer made by Clickteam
How are the art and graphics created for CoI?
They are usually drawn by hand, and then converted into sprites using MSPaint, the editor in MMF2D as well as bits of Photoshop. Everything you see is original work.