Third area complete!

Monday, March 22, 2010

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Great news! The third area ‘Silent Ruins’ is complete! I’ve posted a few screenshots for you all to check out, just to see how things are shaping up. I had most of it done but after a few run-throughs I decided it was too cluttered and went back to clean it up a bit. I’m much more pleased with the results so far. Just a few doodads to add here and there just to bring a bit of life to it but otherwise its done and fully explorable.

I also went back through the older areas and cleaned some stuff up, and got the music engine up and working. It now finally changes music when you go to new areas! Well, for the ones that have completed music anyways… heh.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Hey everyone!

New screenshots! Make sure to check them out!

Things are still going pretty well here, been able to make some solid progress on the new area. I posted on the Facebook that I got all of the new rooms connected and was just now adding doodads and whatnot. This is actually the part that takes the longest because need to make sure all the tiles are sitting right, and then to ensure that by adding pretty stuff doesnt alter anything in the area by ways of unintentionally covering stuff up like platforms or doorways.

So far I’ve finished ‘pimping out’ 21 of the 31 rooms for the “Mistral Plains”, and after that I move onto working on spriting out the tiles for “Silent Ruins”. On the plus side, after this round of plugging things together I’ve discovered a couple things that will help me speed the process up for future levels, so I’ll be making some quick changes to the template ‘level’ to accomodate.

Stay tuned!