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Core of Innocence engine is complete

Monday, June 22, 2009

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I’m very proud to announce, that after just over a year of work the Core of Innocence engine is complete, and game construction has begun!! It has been tested extensively by a team of about 10 testers and most of the big bugs have been nailed and fixed! I’m sure some obscure stuff will show up here and there, but lets hope not. :D As soon as I get the intro done, I’ll post some new screens and perhaps try to come up with a new movie to upload. (original post date 05/22/09)

Another quick update

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The new key items are in and being tested just to make sure they are working and everything. Game construction should HOPEFULLY begin next week! Sorry I’ve been slacking on any new media - I’ll try to get something up soon! (original post date 05/08/09)

Game engine is pretty much complete!

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After lots of testing and getting some bug reports back, I’m proud to say that the engine is pretty much complete! We did decide however to add a few more key items (12, now up to 18), mostly things for flavor and extra immersion so I’m going to take another week or so to make sure those are all polished out before I begin construction. But, aside from that, things are coming along perfectly! Hopefully some new media to come soon once things start moving into production. (original post date 04/29/09)


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Been working on the engine and sprites like a madman and as a result of the effort, I finally released the final engine build to my group of testers! Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can be sure it’s as bug free as its going to be, and begin game production!!! I threw up a couple more screenshots in celebration - one of the new map system I added, and one of the key item pop-up windows. I also put up one of the uncolored sprites that I did, as an example of the boss concept art I posted last time so you can get a little feel for the progress. (original post date 04/10/09)

Development is still underway!

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The game engine has been thoroughly tested and think we have most of the common and uncommon bugs nailed and out of the way! There are a few that might pop up later in level creation, but nothing that should be majorly crippling to the game engine. A few more things are being added and the inventory is being polished off and then the real fun begins. Level construction! Stay tuned for updates! (original post date 03/22/09)