Core of Innocence’s (Codename: Project CoI) production began on May 24th of 2008 - and has been in the works for sometime before that with concept art and game planning. It is a 2D sidescroller being programmed in Multimedia Fusion 2: Developer that plays very much like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

The game world is open to exploration, sometimes requiring powerful relics and spells to access areas not previously reachable. There is planned to be at least 12 bosses and unlockable areas to explore with multiple endings. The game features a customizable control set for keyboard and support for most gamepads (with at least 10 ‘fire’ buttons, such as a Playstation 2 controller).

The artwork is for the most part 100% hand drawn pixel artwork by myself, referencing the greats such as Castlevania, Super Metroid, and Cave Story. Very minimal Photoshop work was used if only for a few gradiented items and the text effects. The artwork, music and sound effects are all original works, only using others material for reference purposes.

The inventory system is a bit familliar of a ‘paper-doll’ system or for those who may be familliar with in the anime world, the old ‘KiSS doll’ programs. The inventory does have a nude character framework, but there are multiple levels of censoring for those who do not wish to have it displayed. There are currently 50 weapons, and just under 250 total equippable items, with room for more should I get ambitious enough to expand. There are a total of 18 spells in the game the player can learn and use at thier disposal, some which will gain the player access to hidden areas.

Core of Innocence will be free to download and play with no restrictions to the game, however for anyone who donates they will gain access to bonus equipment, weapons and an extra dungeon area to explore.