So yeah, apparently I operate on the ‘Blizzard Mentality’ of ‘It’ll be done when its done.’ That and well, Diablo 3 and GTA:Online happened sooo… yeah there is that too. My last entry was a bit cryptic being just the word “Soon”, so I figured it was time to finally actually announce some stuff!

So, over the last few months I’ve been working on the design doc for a game I’m working on called GeoKnight! It’s a ‘MetroidVania’ in a sense of being a pixel art platformer with power-up collecting, but will actually play closer to Megaman X4 (playing as Zero) with some RPG-like elements as far as character customization. Combat will (hopefully) be faster paced and fluid with much more interesting enemy AI than what I had in Core of Innocence.

I’ll be honest, at this stage there hasn’t even been a single pixel laid onto the canvas related to the game, because I wanted to make sure I had this one planned out and polished into something that I would want to play, and to keep the game within a reasonable scope for our small team. That being said, the design doc is a good 70 some pages right now. Ha! Nathan and I have been hashing out story details and think we have something solid and interesting for the players, that isn’t super hard  to follow or get into. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to get some concept art posted to let you guys know what to expect!


News of the new game aside, Sam has been working hard on getting the engine for MKS fleshed out, and has been adding in some cool mechanics for gameplay! I’ll see if maybe I can’t coax a few screenshots out of him as well.

Until then - stay tuned folks!