Well shit.

First I’d like to completely apologize for the lack of any updates since July. I don’t know how many people follow the site for updates, but that’s completely uncool of me to leave it un-updated for so long and for that I am truly sorry.

I’ll be honest after finishing CoI I ran into a bit of a depression, because that project had been such a big part of me over the past 10+ years and I wasn’t ready to let it go yet (thus my fancy, yet now dead CoI2 engine…). I was happy that CoI was received quite positively overall, and as that feeling waned as the ‘hype’ died down I just got more and more upset at myself thinking how if I changed some things it might have been received better by more people, though it wouldn’t have been the game I started out making. I guess I don’t feel as badly about it any more as Sam pointed out to me that one of the devs for Super Meat Boy experienced a similar thing, as seen in ‘Indie Game: The Movie’. So anyways, with all that being said… We are indeed still actively working on stuff at the moment!

Sam and Nathan are still working on ‘Project MKS’ and I’ve been sketching out some details for another platformer. It wont be nearly as indepth as CoI was but still big enough to keep me busy. I’m not going to release any details or anything on it yet until I feel I have a good substantial amount to show, at which point I’ll be more open with development as I go.

So, in the meanwhile, I wish all of you a good Thanksgiving and Christmas and I’ll update again when I have something to share! 😀