Yeah… so… So much for monthly updates, huh? Truth be told after I posted the new engine I stopped working on it for the time being, as I was trying to learn some other things program wise, as well as continuing to refine my pixel art. I’ve gotten better but I’m still not happy with it. So instead of what happened with CoI 1 where I limped along for 14 with the same old art, I’m going to be placing CoI 2 on the back-burner for now while I work on a couple other projects.

I’m going to be designing a new engine for Sam for his game, as I continue working on my spritework in the meanwhile. CoI 2 isn’t dead, but just on hold until I improve my art, and make sure I have an easy system for adding new clothes and armor for Lila. Based on some recent feedback as well as some feedback I’ve been getting for a long time, I may reconsider the amount of fan-service in the game, but who knows. I was 18 when I started CoI1 and a hell of a lot more immature.

Anyways, I’m rambling at this point. Once I have something to show for Sam’s new engine for MKS, I’ll post something.