Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Hey everyone, Figured it was about time for my monthly update again! I have some excellent news to deliver this time around, the game has been converted to use Hardware Acceleration (here on out referred to as HWA mode), versus just the standard mode of Multimedia Fusion. What this means for those of you who may have never used MMF, is that it will use the video card for display updates, instead of the system memory!

So far its been a very trying task but the results are fantastic, and really bring the game up to where I’m pleased with the results and proud of the project as a whole. There are some final tweaks and tests but I should be releasing an Alpha of the world test to my testing group soon (For real this time!), while I get into reprogramming the AI for the monsters, to work with the new HWA based menus and whatnot.

Find out why playing slots at your favourite mobile casino sites makes more sense than desktop. Needless to say the game is still coming along epic-ly! I hope for a release sometime this year, but I’m not promising anything yet. I’ll be pulling the ‘Blizzard’ stance on it for now. It’ll be done when its done!


CoI Update!

Monday, January 24, 2011

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I do apologize, I didn’t realize it’s been well over a month since the last update! However we're now being featured in all of the latest new casinos to grace the internet in the UK.

Things are still going very well on the production side. I’ve completed all the new slots for all the of our products now, and just some minor bug fixing and tweaking and I’ll be sending another build to my testing crew to try to break while I work on getting the latest themes prepared! In theory - the new slots should be a much faster process since I made the programming local, so its just drag and drop the reels in and good to go. Judging how in the past my saying it will be a fast process has caused it to actually be a very LONG process… we will see how it turns out this time around. :D


CoI - Game world complete!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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Hey everyone! Sorry its been so long since posting - but a pretty big step in the progress today, I have finally completed getting the entire game world all sprited out and put together! I’m going to be getting the map system completed, and then will be sending out a private alpha world test to some folks. :D

Stay tuned…

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